Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and Resorts

Understanding Tourism

Tourism can be defined as everything associated with “traveling and enjoying leisure time”. Tourist means a person who did the tour, or people who travel. Concerning the place a tourist attraction, location, or anything that be the attraction to be visited, studied or seen by the tourists. Tourism is voluntary and temporary activity voluntary to Continue Reading

Internal and External Customers

Giving Excellent Services to Both Internal and External customers Providing excellent customer services is the key to success in hotel and tourism management. Great customer service skills will provide and create positive atmosphere to the workplace that nurture growths. Internal customers are those who work for the company and partners of the company. They are Continue Reading

Five Dimension of Customers Services

• Reliability is the ability to provide services appropriately and correctly in accordance with what has been promised by the company to the guests. • Responsiveness is the awareness, desire, and ability to act quickly in helping and providing timely services to the guests. • Assurance is the knowledge, ability, and confidence of the employees Continue Reading


Gastronomy is a field that studies the interaction between the food and the culture of humanity. Part of Gastronomy is the art of cooking or Cuisine. Major cultural influences in gastronomy is about the types of food, and the way food is prepared. Other areas gastronomy include the study of nutrition of the human body, Continue Reading

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